Waiting, Exploring Options, Praying. Posted January 23, 2011

God’s timing is rarely what we expect; we want things to happen on our schedule, no such luck.  We heard very little from GEM from September to this week, in fact the little contact we have had was all initiated by us.  Through researching the GEM website we learned about L’Arcada, a Christian Camp for youth and families in Spain.  This was a mission assignment that also looked like a good way for us to serve, so we let them know of our interest.  

We receive some guidance from an unexpected source, Rev. Stanley and Katy Key, Stan Key was leading a revival at our Church and in our conversations with him and his wife Katy we discussed missions.  They had been missionaries in France for 10 years and are now active with missions in Ethiopia. Katy mentioned a group called SIM, Serving in Missions, they have Guest Houses throughout the world and she felt we would be very good Guest House managers.  We researched this as well and decided to apply for a Guest House manager position in Accra, Ghana. 

 As a result of our preliminary application to SIM we were contacted by a field representative from Augusta that is available to help with the applicantion process.  “In our conversation he asked me what my work experience and job skill set was.”  When he found out that I had 25 years of law enforcement and 14 years of HR he immediately began to tell me about a mission program in India that serves young girls that have been forced into the sex slavery trade and how my skill set would be a good match for that type of work.  He asked if we would consider this mission assignment as well since there is such a great demand for people willing and trained to work in this mission field.

God has put a heavy weight question on our hearts; please pray that we will be guided to the mission which will allow us to serve God’s children where we are most needed and qualified.     

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