I am a follower of a Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.  I serve as a full time missionary with One Collective in Rome, Italy, Santiago de Compostela, Spain and Atlanta, Georgia.

My desire is to reflect Jesus in all I do.  With Jesus as a model I seek to humbly join with Him in His restorative work. Only Jesus can transform lives and communities, but He invites us to join Him in His work. I will not separate mission and compassion, because Jesus doesn’t. Transformed lives lead to transformed communities, and transformed communities lead to transformed lives.

In Rome I serve refugees at the Joel Nafuma Refugee Center (JNRC), located at St. Paul’s Within the Walls, and at Il Soggiorno (The Rest).  I also serve with Schiavitu Mai Piu (Slavery No More) an outreach to trafficked women.

In Santiago de Compostela, Spain I serve at Terra Nova Pilgrim House. The Pilgrim House Welcome Center is a place for pilgrims to find respite from their walk and take time to reflect. We offer a safe place to explore and engage the deeper questions concerning the love and mystery of God, life, and our resilient frailty. This time of reflection is sacred and our purpose is to foster space (physical, mental, and spiritual) for this time.

In Atlanta and Middle Georgia I serve in liaison with Out of Darkness, an outreach, rescue, and restore ministry serving trafficked women, men and children. And with City of Refuge which is dedicated to community development, stability, and sustainability.

Donate to this Ministry at http://give.onecollective.org

Project name Mark Edens, account #US2677

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