We Love You Rick Posted January 23, 2011

I’m sure that I did not break any records for the longest time between postings on a blog, but I have been derelict.  Today I will try to update things in less than a novelette.  Maybe several updates would be best.

On September 24, I headed for Michigan to visit my family, do some work on Val’s house and attend the wedding of a dear niece.  The trip was great, stopped in Atlanta on Friday to have lunch with Jessie and Ben on Jessie’s birthday, and then on Saturday I had lunch with Neil and friends at Great Lakes Naval Station. What’s better than that?

Arriving in Kingsford on Saturday night I learned that my brother-in-law Rick Klinglehutz was back in the hospital in Marquette, he had been fighting an issue related to an infection that was causing fluid to accumulate around his heart.  On Monday I drove to Marquette to see Rick, he looked great, he sure didn’t look like he needed to be in a hospital, we had a wonderful visit and made plans for the weekend “at Camp”.

 On Wednesday evening my family, minus Rick and my sister Sally (she was in Marquette with Rick) were gathered at my parents’ home to celebrate my brother Don’s 65th birthday.  While we were there, Sally called to say that she had good news and bad news, the bad news was that Rick had a clot in his heart and the good news was that he was going into surgery to have it removed and should be back in his room resting in about an hour.  We all stopped to pray for Rick and Sally. My niece Jeana, who was with us, expressed her desire to go to Marquette to be with her Mom and Dad.  I offered to drive her there, it was cold and dark and 75 miles away and she did not need to make that drive alone.  When we were about ten minutes away from the hospital Sally called and wanted to know how close we were and asked that we not delay getting there since Rick had taken an unexpected turn for the worst.  When Jeana and I arrived the Doctor had just come out of the operating room to tell Sally that Rick had passed away.  God puts us where he needs us.

 That night, September 29th, changed the Klinglehutz/Edens family forever.  Rick was 52 years old, a husband and father of three wonderful children, and friend.  He will be missed by everyone that ever knew him.  He was especially close to my brother Don, they were neighbors and I think it would be safe to describe them as brothers and best friends.  We love you Rick.  

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