On Track Posted June 15, 2011

Since my last posting we have continued to move forward with our Mission focus on early 2012.  We are planning to attend orientation in February at GEM’s campus in Colorado.  And hope to be assigned to GEM’s Rapid Response Team to work in crisis situations in Europe, northern Africa and Turkey which will open opportunities to teach the Gospel. 

Our faith continues to grow and our commitment to missions grows along with it.  Events keep happening in our lives that make it clear to us that we are on the path God intend for us and He continues to facilitate our transition from our current mission to our next.  We were able to move our house off of our plate, only through the work of God.  That has been a major relief as we continue to down size our material world.  Live Simple has become our goal. 

We continue to pray for and communicate with Courage House, which is moving forward and has been blessed with much good fortune.  Please keep them in your prayers.  We have not completely ruled this out as a possible mission but the Rapid Response Team at GEM is where we are feeling most strongly led to serve.

I have just recently finished a complete reading of the Bible and have also started a weekly Bible study group in Dublin.  I am enjoying this and find it interesting and rewarding.

Carl is going to the University of Georgia in Athens beginning June 26, he is enrolled in the freshmen college program which will give him a jump start for the fall semester.  We sure are proud of him and his choices. Please keep him in your prayers as well.




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