Heading Back to Rome

Your Prayers, Love, and Support Make it all Possible.
Back in January of 2014 the North American team leader at ITeams asked if I would commit to spending the first quarter of 2015 serving in Atlanta. The goal was to make relationships for future team building in Atlanta. Out of Darkness, part of the Atlanta Dream Center and City of Refuge, seemed like good places to start. The first quarter turned into seven months and the results have been amazing.

At the City of Refuge we have been involved in a weekly Bible study, collected donations of clothing, furniture, and bedding for the residents. And served in the “180° Kitchen”, doing everything from preparing vegetables to scrubbing pots and pans, and serving meals to hundreds of women and children.

At Out of Darkness I am involved with the Prayer Team, Princess Night out-reach and Rescue Teams in Atlanta and Middle Georgia (Macon/Warner Robins), and the Cherokee County Jail Ministry. I have participated in rescues of both women and men, in Georgia and Alabama.

I have had opportunities to share my experiences at ITeam and both the City of Refuge and Out of Darkness with many others that have expressed an interest in participating in these wonderful ministries. Some of these are from my First United Methodist Dublin Family. Planting seeds…

I am returning to Rome on 4 August for another 90 day mission (90 Days means no Visa or Permesso di Soggiorno requirements which equals savings). I will be serving refugees a the JNRC at St. Paul’s Within the Walls and Il Soggiorno. I will also be serving with Schiavitù Mai Più (Slavery Never Again).

Your continued prayers, love, and financial support not only bless me, they bless you and all those you allow me to serve. Believe me it is working.

I am making a special request in this posting. While I will be in Rome the weather will be changing and winter will be arriving. The refugees will be in desperate need of shoes, socks, and coats. Please consider a donation to help me in procuring these items for them.
To donate go to http://iteams.us/give or email gifts@iteams.org

Project name Mark Edens, account # US2677

Or call (800) 323-0428


Helping in the “180° Kitchen” at the City of Refuge.


On Tuesday at 7:00 PM I was at the Atlanta Dream Center for the monthly prayer meeting. Just as we were getting ready to begin I received a phone call from the Out of Darkness hotline asking if I could go on a rescue. Our prayers were answered before we even began. WOW! And how amazing is our Lord and Savior? The young lady that I went on the rescue with has been feeling the call to missions but has been struggling with some of the aspects of raising support. We had a good conversation regarding support and the overwhelming joy and inspiration that comes from having the support of your friends. Planting seeds again…

Philippians 4:15-17 Common English Bible (CEB) 

15 You Philippians know from the time of my first mission work in Macedonia how no church shared in supporting my ministry except you. 

16 You sent contributions repeatedly to take care of my needs even while I was in Thessalonica. 

17 I’m not hoping for a gift, but I am hoping for a profit that accumulates in your account.

One thought on “Heading Back to Rome

  1. We are waiting for you in Roma and we are grateful to those who made it possible.
    Il Soggiorno


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