I Just Have To Share This With You

God is answering my prayers and providing avenues for me to reach out and share His loving kindness. I would like to relate two of these to my friends, that hold me up with prayers, love, and support.

This evening I participated in a bible study at the City of Refuge, this always leaves me emotionally charged and grateful. Having an opportunity to studying the Word with women who’s lives and families are broken beyond comprehension and to see the Holy Spirit provide hope in the midst of their despair is a true blessing. Their love and trust in God inspires me, and I am grateful to be able to be a listening ear and prayer partner with my sisters in crises.

On Friday night I will be taking part in the fight against sex trafficking by participating in a “Princess Night” with Out of Darkness. We will be out on the streets of Atlanta sharing the love of a Jesus Christ with the women who are trapped in this unspeakable industry.

I want you to know I am blessed and grateful for this time in my life and I ask that you lift me up in prayer as I serve our oppressed and lost brothers and sisters in Christ. With God’s grace and you by my side we can make a difference.

To God be the glory.

His servant, your brother,

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