Tickets and Butterflies Posted May 9, 2013

It’s official!

     On Sunday 12 May, we are going to be commissioned at our sending church Dublin First United Methodist. We will have all of our family together for the weekend, what a joy!  Then we will travel to Atlanta, be dropped off at a hotel near the airport and say goodbye to our children.  Not sure what that will be like, but …..

    On Monday 13 May, at 6:30 AM we will fly to Miami, visit the Italian Consulate and get our visas.  That’s a bold statement but hey that’s what has gotten us this far, “bold faith.”

    Tuesday 14 May at 3:55 PM we fly to Dusseldorf, Germany then onto Rome arriving at 11:20 AM, 15 May.

    So continues our missionary journey, what began as a small favor for a friend in March of 2010 has developed to into a life changing call to serve God as foreign missionaries.  We consider it an honor to serve and a blessing to have some many wonderful supporters.  There will be a new pin added to Roma, Italy on the map at GEM HQ’s on Tuesday and many of you will own a piece of it. 

   This week we began to have a few butterflies.  Not so much over what we are about embark on or where, but more about what are we forgetting to do. What are we missing. What still needs to be done, etc…  This is different from any journey we have ever undertaken.  We will be thankful for your love and prayers.

   We are hoping for a last minute surge in the number of new partners and one-time donations. Both accounts are still underfunded so if you feel led to become a monthly faith partner or want to make annual donations please visit  you can find us by our name or account number 13770.  One time donations to our launch fund would be greatly appreciated as well. Same place. We need you on the team!  

   The love and support for this ministry has made us realize that the mission has been underway since the very beginning.  God has been working in all of us to bring His plan of salvation to all His people.  This is a team effort and when we say “our ministry” you are included.  We are grateful for your support and pray daily for God to make us worthy of your trust and the task before us. 


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