Inspired by Two Dear Friends June 24, 2013


Thank you to all of our faith partners for your promise of love, prayers and support. Without you, we would not be spreading God’s word and sharing His love with the people of Italy and to those forced out of their homeland that are seeking refuge in Rome. We have felt God’s hand upon us and His blessings have been with us every step of this journey.

Our permission from Greater Europe Mission to deploy in May was based on monthly and annual pledges and faith promises made by our supporters. Unfortunately not all of the funding we were counting on has come through for May or June and it has created a deficit in our support account.

If you have given a gift that helped launch our ministry, would you now consider a monthly faith promise to keep us viable. We are also in need of one-time gifts if anyone feels they can share this way. You can give at the link provided below.

We were reminded this past week that our ministry is not only our service to God’s lost, it is also about our “Faith Partners” and their service to Him. I would like to share the inspiring message Val received this week from a loving faith partner Connie.

“We started our summer study on Galatians this week, with Dorrie leading…. so you can imagine how amazing it was. She is special and we all ‘sat at her feet’ and listened intently to His Words and her heart. She mentioned that we all have a choice to either GO, SEND, or… be disobedient. I’m so happy I get to help send through people like you and Mark. Blessings to both of you.”

That is God’s work being carried out by His children. If you feel God has called upon you to support our ministry in response to His “Great Commission” please make the sacrifice and answer His call. We need your prayers, love and financial support for May, June and every month until God’s work through us is complete.


We continue to pray for all of you daily. Mark and Val Edens

Philippians 4:17  Not that I desire your gifts; what I desire is that more be credited to your account.

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