Back In Rome

21 February, 2014

I have made it back to Rome. I had good flights, none were the originally scheduled flights due to the crazy weather plaguing the Southeast at the time. US Airways did a fine job of rebooking all my flights and actually got me there 40 minutes early. 

I have spent the first week reconnecting with folks, adjusting to the time difference (6 hrs) and looking for a place to stay. I am looking for a room to rent, not an apartment, a room is better suited to my needs and much more affordable. However the search is proving to be more of a challenge than I expected. 

Being here without my best friend is also difficult. “That’s all I have to say about that.”

Through the coming weeks as I get back into the swing of things and hopefully find a suitable place to stay, my morale should improve. Right now it is a little off center. 

25 February, 2014

Saturday morning was spent in prayer. Bringing my troubles to God has always proven to be the right decision. I had gone to the USO for some post banquet cleanup chores.  As I was leaving I received an email regarding an appointment to view a room, we agreed on 2:00 PM.  I met the landlord and viewed the room, results, moving in Sunday.  An answered prayer! 

This one, seemingly common place event, has brought me back to where I need to be while serving here in Rome. I was walking down the streets signing the rest of the day. Your daily prayers are crucial to this ministry, I believe it is what brings it all together. 

Those of you following the events of my sister Mary’s life have to believe in the power of prayer to our Lord and Savior.  Her recovery can only be credited to answered prayers. Please continue to pray for Mary, her faith has been an inspiration to all that know and love her. 

We continue to pray and trust what God is doing in our lives.  Our heartfelt thanks and gratitude goes out to all of you that make this ministry possible with your prayers, love and support.  If there is something special in your life that you would like us to pray for please share your needs with us.  Please keep us in your prayers as well.

In His Service, Mark

It certainly is not possible for us to be in a position where Omnipotence cannot assist us. God hath servants everywhere. There are “treasures hid in the sand,” and the Lord’s chosen shall eat thereof. When the clouds hide the mountains they are as real as in the sunshine; so the promise and the Providence of God are unchanged by the obscurity of our faith, or the difficulties of our position. There is hope, and hope at hand, therefore, let us be of good cheer. When we are at our worst let us trust with unshaken faith. Recollect that then is the time when we can most glorify God by faith. Charles Spurgeon 

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